2023 Breeding

Breeding Plan:

Clara x Champ*B - Due 2/6/24

Clara brings excellent conformation with a dairy body, width and depth. Her udder is lovely with nice height, good attachments and medial and well blended fore udder. I have paired her with Champ to bring more udder capacity and levelness in the topline and rump. These kids will be 2nd generation but F0 grade with 25% unknown parentage. There is a chance for blue eyes. 

Gigi x Oh - Due 1/30/24

Gigi will be a first freshener this year. Her dam peaked at over 8lbs and earned both her one day star and her 305 production star. Gigi is built very similar to her dam and exhibits dairyness, a strong front end and uphill build. Oh brings level topline and level rump with an uphill stance. His udder inheritance and production are yet to be determined. Kids will be F3 with a likelihood of blue eyes and possibly moonspots. 

Vivi x Oh - Due 2/3/24

Vivi is a nice, uphill doe with excellent breed character. She brings width and depth and a strong front end. She has a lovely udder with strong medial, good lateral attachments, and easy to milk teats with wide orifices. Oh will bring a level topline, excellent breed character, and hopefully a socked in udder. Kids are likely to have blue eyes.

Moderna *P x Champ *B - Due 3/10/23

Moderna earned her 305 day stars as a FF in both production and butterfat. She has a lovely socked in udder with excellent attachments and medial. Champ will add even more capacity, and hopefully larger teats and orifices. I also hope that Champ will improve body conformation. I have shown Moderna several times and she never places well. Kids will be F3, bucklings will be *B. Blue eyes and moonspots are possible. 

Coco x George - Due 2/4/24

I will definitely get spots out of these kids!  I expect lovely breed character and hope for Coco to have an uncomplicated kidding and uncomplicated start to her second freshening production. I anticipate she will be able to earn her milk star in 2024. Blue eyes possible. Kids will be F6.

Pixie x Zed - Due 1/30/24

Pixie is my second gen grade. Her first freshening udder was very little, but I did breed her as an intermediate kid against my vet's advice. I am hoping she is much improved with some maturity. I chose Zed because he has exceptional breed character. He should add levelness and improved udders. Kids will be 3rd gen F0 Grade with 12.5% unknown parentage. I do expect lovely breed character. Blue eyes are likely. 

Cookie x Champ *B - Due 2/8/24

Cookie is a very pretty doe. She is level with good structure, correct front end and good rear leg angulation. She will be a first freshener this year. I am excited to see her udder and production level. I am pairing her with Champ because he will help maintain good conformation and ideally add udder capacity. Kids will be F3. Polled and blue eyes possible. *B possible on bucklings.

Willow x Champ *B - 2/13/24

Willow was a scrawny thing for her first year of life but has grown to be quite lovely. She has a level topline and rump, her width is improving and she has good rear leg angulation. Willow will be a first freshener and is one of my George Clooney girls. I have high hopes for excellent udders and production. I am pairing her with Champ because Willow will bring good breed character and Champ should further support that and reinforce udder structure and capacity. Kids will be F3. Moonspots possible. Bucklings have the potential of being *B. 

Bunny *P x Oh - Due 2/9/24

Bunny is near and dear to my heart. She has lovely breed character and a super sweet personality. She has good production. Her udder could use better attachments, a little more medial and tad more height. She has a fantastic fore udder, wide orifices, and perfect teat size. I paired her with Oh to improve levelness and all the udder things listed above. Between these 2, breed character will be amazing - gorgeous roman noses and long floppy ears. Kids will be F3. Blue eyes possible, chocolate or buckskin color possible.