Lil Flocker's Just a Hunny Bunny *P

DOB 3-13-2020

Experimental F2

Sire's Sire - Laz E Acre's Mr Blue Jeans

Sire - Laz E Acre's Tuck N Roll

Sire's Dam - Newman Lake Amazing Love

Dam's Sire - B-52's Coconut Mocha Snicklefritz

Dam - Proverbs 31 Stella

Dam's Dam - Proverbs 31 LB Fiona

Bunny's first freshening udder

Bunny is a very sweet goat who will nurse any baby. Her capacity as a first freshener was reasonable. She milked around 4lbs a day. She placed 3rd in the Oregon State Fair as a FF.  

Bunny second freshening udder

Bunny's capacity has increased in her second freshening. I am really pleased with her rear udder fill. She peaked at 6lbs a day and even towards the end of her lactation, she continues to produce between 2.5 and 3lbs on twice a day milking. 

Bunny has produced 2 daughters - both are growing out to have lovely conformation.

Congratulation Bunny!

Bunny has earned her 305 AR star in 2023. Great work Bunny!  We have retained her daughters, Willow and Valentina.  Willow will be on milk test for the 2024 year.

2022 - Bunny X George

Bunny kidded one doeling in 2022. Willow is a little thing with a level topline and level rump. I expect a capacious udder.

2023 - Bunny X George

I repeated the breeding for 2023 and Bunny once again kidded a single doeling. This time she had a huge kid - almost 9lbs. Valentina is a solid, wide doeling. I look forward to her freshening in 2025.