Waldi Lane CG Pixie Dust

DOB - 3-12-2022

Grade - F2 | Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire's Sire - Sonflower Ranch's Guyliner

Sire - SizeMatter's SGL Up In The Air

Sire's Dam - GTO Ranch Gwendolyn *P

Dam's Sire - Brook Besor IH Rocky Balboa

Dam - Waldi Lane Sing Along Clarabelle

Dam's Dam - The Waldi Lanes Minnie Mouse

Pixie's FF Udder

I freshened Pixie as a yearling which I don't typically do. She struggled with production. I pulled the buckling but the doeling refused a bottle so I left her on and Pixie became lopsided. I hope her second freshening is more successful. I will be pulling the kids after 24 hours this year. 

2023 Pixie x Oh

Buckling - Jeff

2023 - Pixie x Oh

Doeling - Blossom

I'm pleased with this pairing. Oh add levelness and ears. I am hopeful that he will also pass along udder attachments, capacity and teat placement.