Waldi Lane BG Salix Caprea

DOB - 4-24-2022

American F4

Sire's Sire - Sonflower Ranch's Guyliner

Sire - Size Matter's SGL Up In The Air

Sire's Dam - GTO Ranch's Gwendolyn *P

Dam's Sire - Laze E Acre's Tuck and Roll

Dam - Lil Flocker's Just a Hunny Bunny *P

Dam's Dam - Proverbs 31 Stella

Willow's first freshening udder

Willow has capacity going for her lol.  In the spirit of not judging a FF too harshly, I am hopeful that her medial gets stronger and pulls those teats in. Her udder is very similar to her dam's but with that lovely globular shape. I'll be happy with any improvements and breed up for those improvements.

2024 - Willow x Champ

Mr Sparkles