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Tibary - 2024 wether - $75

Tibary is a fun kid born on 1/31. He is on a bottle and ready for a new home. He has gorgeous blue eyes and lovely long ears. 

Zorro - 2024 wether - $75

Mr. Zorro is one of our 2024 wethers. He was born on 1/31. Zorro is a bottle baby and a favorite with my kids so he spent some time in the house and is a cuddly guy.  He has beautiful blue eyes and is looking for his next family. 

Does in Milk - $350 negotiable - Pending

Clara and Pixie:

Clara is a 3 year old Mini Nubian, 3rd freshener. She has has produced twins for the past 3 years. She has a well attached udder and perfect sized teats for hand milking. Clara appears black, but actually has red in her coat with a partial white belt on her left side. She produced really pretty kids. She has blue eyes and airplane ears. 

Pixie is Clara's daughter. She is a 2 year old second freshener. She has produced twins both kiddings.  She is a willing, easy milker. She is a flashy goat with a mix of colors in her coat and blue eyes. She has produced colorful kids as well. All of her kids have had blue eyes and both her parents have blue eyes so she could be homozygous for blue eyes (always throws blue eyes)

These girls are bonded and would be perfect for a home milking project.  Both are on the smaller side, and are easy keepers. They are friendly and come right up to people. They are easy to lead and have excellent stand manners. They are currently on milk test, being milked twice a day, and are producing just under a gallon per day combined. I hand milked Clara the first year. I have been mostly machine milking the past 2 years, but they could easily be hand milked. 

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